Sabre Forged Precision Truck CF-38 190mm Grey (2 Trucks)

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Qty 1 sold as:
Set of 2 trucks
Hanger width/Axle width:
Pivot angle/Kingpin angle:
Axle height from baseplate:
54mm Top-Mounted w/riser
Bolt pattern:
Old-School & Multiple New-School
Stock bushing duro:
Recommended usage:
Casual/Downhill/Sliding Soft Wheel

Sabre Forged Precision Truck CF-38 190mm Grey (2 Trucks)

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Qty 1 sold as:
Set of 2 trucks

Our view:
Unhappy with the status quo of either Cast or CNC truck manufacturing, Sabre pushed forwards & have released the world's first fully Forged truck.
This process maintains the grain structure of the metal by compressing it into shape as opposed to melting it or simply cutting away at a block.
Combining both a 38 degree baseplate & 190mm hanger results in a very stable downhill truck, yet gives skaters who want to ride tight wheelbases a lot of lean just not found on most trucks out there, ideal for doing fast stand slides, both hands down & stand up.

From Sabre:
This is the cumulation of many years of work... the Sabre Forged Precision is finally ready as our premium downhill and race offering. Featuring a Cold Forged 6061-T6 Baseplate and hanger, this truck is packed with features, it's ultra light and super durable. The open bushing seat, drop-up baseplate option, geometry, rakeless design and lightweight construction are the result of many hours of design, test, rethink, redesign and retest. This truck is low, light, strong and fast - if you want stability, reaction and race winning performance, you will find it here.

  • 8-hole adjustable 38 Degree Drop-Up baseplate
  • 190mm Hanger Width
  • Rakeless Hanger design
  • 54mm Axle Height (topmounted)
  • Weight (190mm): 410g
  • Cold Forged 6061-T6 Hanger and Baseplate
  • Hollow Grade 8 Kingpin
  • CNC’d hanger pivot
  • 4130 CNC’d axle studs
  • F-Type Barrel and Kingcone Bushings
  • Urethane Pivot Cup

Cold Forging
Forging is one of the oldest metal working methods known to man. It is used to create high-strength, ultra-hard objects like tools, weapons and high-stress engine components.

Rather than melting the metal stock and casting it into the shape of a mould, the raw metal billet is placed in a die and hammered into shape with a powerful hydraulic hammer.

The metal grains are perfectly aligned to the shape of the part, the surface is exceptionally strong, and it has excellent resistance to impacts and fatigue over continued stress.

Compared to Cast and CNC trucks:

Casting has a random grain structure, and fails to preserve any grain strength in the original material.
CNC operations actually remove surface hardness from the stock Billet by leaving the grains open ended.
Forging aligns the grain structure with the shape of the finished piece, resulting in an approx 30% increase in strength to the original Billet, making it possible for us to make much lighter trucks.
We use Cold Forged 6061-T6 Billet to produce our Forged Precision hangers and baseplates.

Forged hangers and baseplates are subjected to various CNC operations on areas that require a super-high tolerance, such as the pivot, kingpin mount, and axle studs.

CNC Pivot
Our Forged Precision Hangers are super strong and light thanks to our Cold Forging process. But to make them worthy of the “Precision” moniker, we need to take them a step further.

The heart of every truck is its pivot. The finish, roundness and consistency of the pivot determines how smooth and “precise” the truck feels under your feet.

All of our Forged Precision Hangers feature a CNC’d pivot, perfectly concentric, ultra smooth and an airtight fit on our urethane pivot cups.

Catch any of our riders and they will tell you how smooth and flowing our Forged Precision trucks feel. This is largely due to this feature – it’s what makes our Cast Precision and Forged Precision trucks feel so good.



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Weight exc packaging - grams No
Brand Sabre Trucks
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Skating style Cruising / Carving, Freestyle / Dancing, Freeriding, Downhill, Buttboard / Street Luge
Board truck mounting N/A
NS Family recommended tbc

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