Surfskate and Carver Skateboards, history in the making

While skating as we know has it's roots firmly in Surfing, it was several year before the equipment finally caught up to the flow and feel of being on the water.
Starting in 1996, Neil and Greg brainstormed and prototyped several designs of trucks, the crucial element that allows boards to turn.

Over 20 years later they've advanced, refined, scrapped and started fresh with new ideas and lessons learnt.

Carver truck prototypes C7 CX CV

First came the C7 truck, then along the way a simpler design began to emerge, the CX.
Carver Skateboards now offer two unique SurfSkate trucks kits, for this guide we're focusing on the latest and greatest CX.4 and C7.4 truck systems.
Any other guides you see on the web for older versions like the CX.3 etc should be disregarded as an out of date comparison.

The C7 and CX trucks are used as the FRONT truck on a skateboard, they turn a lot and are paired with a BACK truck that turns less, this is the C2 truck (C2.4) 

CX vs C7

Both the C7 and CX turn a lot and easily and are now several generations into their development;

  • C7 was figuring out how to get a normal skateboard truck to turn a lot, thus the swing arm (left photo)
  • CX was figuring out how to alter the geometry of a truck to avoid using a swing arm altogether (right photo)
 Carver C7.4 C2.4 Trucks rawCarver CX.4 C2.4 Trucks raw
With the current version of the CX (CX.4) Carver have made a truck that matches the turning ability of the C7.
In my personal experience, I find the CX more predictable than the C7 when it comes to deep turns.
Other benefits of CX over C7 are:
  • Much ligther weight
  • No complicated maintenance requirements
  • Easier to upgrade bushings (for resistance)
  • Lower cost
  • Machined pivot pin
So while as a shop, we'd be better off selling the more expensive C7, we wholeheartedly recommend the CX for beginners to pros alike, it's an amazing truck.

C2 the rear truck

Both the CX.4 and C7.4 truck systems share the same BACK truck, the C2.4
Carver recognized that by having a super agile truck in FRONT and BACK ( for example C7 FRONT and C7 BACK ) that a lot of the energy is lost because the back truck turns too much.

So they set about designing the C2 truck, a stable rear truck with enough turn to compliment but not undo the power of the front truck.

When Neil redesigned the CX truck to make the CX.4, he realized that the smooth flow and performance of the machined pivot pin should also be available in the rear truck.
Thus the C2.4 was born with a completely redesgined geometry and finish.

At the same time, this truck also became the BACK truck for the C7 as well. 

CX the Pool version

To be written

CX.3 the older generation

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