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  • Gurston Down Time Trial March 20th 2016

    Gurston Down hosted a gravity sports time trial which featured a high number of riders from the Longboard / Downhill Skateboard scene, as well as a contingent of Street Luge and Gravity Bike riders.

    Following a change in how the events were ran back in early 2015, more and more riders found it easier to attend and as a result it's an event that's been growing in popularity amongst the wider UK Downhill scene.

    Riders used to have to pay a yearly membership, which put many off (including myself) but the move was made to a stand alone event fee.

    Now thanks to the recently formed BDSL (British Downhill Skateboarding League) sanctioning the time trial as a Regional event, attendance for the event was the highest it's possible ever been.

    The track features a tricky corner section, which starts with a right hand 90 degree that you simply can't take at full speed, followed by a left hand 90 degree bend which is banked and immediately drops away steeply.

    I don't have the exact results to hand but here's roughly what I recall in order of fastest to slowest:
    Pete Connolly
    Pearse D'Arcy
    Chris Vanstone
    Aaron Skippings
    Ras Sarunas Rasalas

    Plenty of other riders were in attendance and I'll do my best to name them all here:
    Kami San
    Ben Stainer
    Matt Rendell
    Dan West
    Jason Gunn
    Jonathan Braund
    Robbie Stevens
    Dale Goodwin (such progression from this guy!)
    Will Edgecombe
    Rich Auden
    Adam Hill
    Harry Phelps
    Drew Barham
    Kev Hurdle
    Ed Carter

    With a solid wrap on the last event, the next date has been announced for Sunday the 24th of April.
    Here's the update from Ding himself (the organizer of Gurston)

    "Gravity Racing - 1st Meeting at Gurston Down - March 20th 2016

    The Meeting...

    Concerns about the unprecedented popularity of the meeting, and the logistics of the day proved groundless on Sunday. Many of the UK's top riders turned out on a day of almost perfect dry weather, and had some really good racing. However, I would like to apologise to those riders who wanted slots but applied after the day was fully booked. I hope they will be able to get a slot to ride at the next meeting.

    The revised Track...

    Everyone was surprised to see the amount of work that had been carried out over winter by the motor racers that use the hill, but the only aspect that affected riders was the low wall of sleepers now installed on the outside of the first bend. However, a few well placed tyres and a louder than usual call for self-preservation at the riders briefing had the desired result - and riders modified their styles accordingly. When the driveshaft of the farmer's road sweeping brush snapped, all our brooms were deployed, and many hands saw the track ready for use - if initially dusty - after the recent construction work, a winter's use by farm traffic and long spell of dry weather.

    The Racing...

    While the first few runs were untimed to allow riders to adjust their style and approach - to the first corner in particular - Stand Up rider Chris Vanstone's first run was a screaming 55.38 regardless, and a time he equalled in qualifying but was unable to better. However, Pete Connolly's slightly more cautious approach saw him post first a 56.28, but then, on his second qualifier, a stunning 54.65 to take Fastest Time of the Day overall. Very talented newcomers Pearse D'Arcy and Ahron Skippings ran them close with 55.22 and 56.40 respectively, and Jon Braund, Ras, Ben Stainer, Kami, Danny West, and Dale Goodwin all managed to reach the magic minute or less in qualifying. Others did so in practice, and almost every Stand Up of whatever experience saw their personal best times falling through the day.

    George Cheeseman and Gareth Chamberlain led the field on Street Luges, with George's greater experience eventually winning out with a 58.22 to Gareth's 59.50. However, 3rd placed Jacob Atkinson Simms, Bruce Smith in 4th and Lee Hawkswell were all close by at around the minute. First time riders James Martin and Andy Doyle clearly enjoyed battling it out behind them, with James clocking a very creditable personal best of 1.04 to Andy's 1.07, and Kevin Hurdle just adrift on 1.08.

    Three Gravity Bikes made a welcome reappearance too, and it was no surprise that veteran rider Ian Round's 56.03 was best by several seconds over Zack Leader and Les Lownes who were both the wrong side of the minute - but to be fair, they were on new and untried machines which are bound to improve.

    Thanks due...

    It was a great opening meeting for 2016, which everyone seemed to enjoy. It was also a virtually incident-free meeting, save Drew Barham's bruised ankle - and we all hope he gets well soon - so well done to all riders for accurately measuring their talent to the new configuration of the track!

    Last but not least, a huge collective thank you to all those who helped on the Hill to make the day go so smoothly, and especially to Robert Brown for the challenging roles of timing and starting, and to Vlad Ardeleanu for accurately seeing riders over the finish line.

    Date of 2nd Meeting of 2016 - proposed for Sunday April 24th at Gurston Down.

    We are vying ever more closely with other activities on the Hill, so please can I ask riders in all disciplines, who would like to book slots at this meeting, to let me know as soon as possible so that I can secure the date with the landowner.

    I also suggest early booking by riders to avoid disappointment - in the light of last Sunday's over demand - and because there are already 8 Gravity Bikes booked...!

    Best regards,

    Book your slot by emailing Ding: main < at > oumf.org

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