Day IX - 48 Miles "Cottonmouth King"

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Day 9

Ever skated in a dust storm? I have. And it's the worst thing ever.

Today's miles were the most agonising yet. The first 8 were blissful until I hit a massive plateau home to insane winds. Imagine a wall of hair dryers in front of you, on full power, while someone throws fine grit sand in your face. That's kinda what today was like. All 40 miles were into a headwind of 100 degree Fahrenheit heat. I was pretty sure my camera was going to overheat as it was burning up. Nevada heat is an extremely dry heat; your mouth dries out instantly after drinking. Luckily every few miles there were drainage underpasses I took shelter in to eat and drink in. Without these I probably wouldn't have been able to make it.

The panoramic views of the Plateau, thoughts of McDonalds, and the possibility of a cold motel room were the only things charging me forward. A day to go down in the books as one of the toughest pushes.

(I got the McDonalds... Sam-1 Nevada-0)

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