Day XIV - Mission accomplished

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El Push esta finished.
I made it to Downtown by midday! Grabbed some lunch and then hit Otang/Loaded HQ to take the tour and celebrate! On the way back to the apartment with Ethan I experienced the future that is Boosted Boards Electric Skateboard.

No more pushing for a while.

I have to say a big thank you to all for the support along the way. This blog and seeing everyone's support online through whatever medium was a big positive in helping me continue.

Now it's time to swap out the LDP board for something else and go skate LA.

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Screen shot 2015-06-20 at 10.30.47

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  • Paul

    Congratulations. Impressive skate. I'm considering a long ride at the end of the summer. I'm curious what some of your longer mileage days were (I know you were not riding for speed). Also, what was your typical skate and break schedule throughout your day? What was your loaded pack weight, without water and food and did you like your pack.

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