Day IV - 27.4 miles "good things come to those who wait"

Day 4


Day 4- 27.4 miles

Downhill Baby! Upon reaching the East Entrance to Zion National Park at 2pm after a fairly gruelling 1200ft climb up UT-9, the Park Ranger asked me (and I paraphrase): 'How are you getting down the 12 miles of road that switchbacks all the way down 2800ft of canyon?' *Holds up skateboard*... 'Okay, awesome. That'll be $15 please.'... Sweeeet.

The next 12 miles were obviously gnarly. The google map view doesn't do it justice! Traffic was super low and if there was someone on the road they were driving so slow to take in the view that I didn't have to stop. Even I found it hard to concentrate on where I was going! Dem views! Lost a lot of shoe taking on the switchbacks, but I'd happily waste another $50 on a new pair for that run again.

Super stoked to have made it to Zion as it marks a point on my route through Utah where the terrain becomes more forgiving in terms of gradient. The first 3 days were incredibly taxing physically, but more so mentally with so much uphill, so hitting the park was a relief.

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