Day III - 17.1 miles "Oooh, new shoes?!"

Day 3

"Day 3 - 17.1 Miles

Distance was on the shorter side to get to the next town: Mount Carmel Junction.

Today was the hottest day yet. Mucho sweat.
I left Kanab later on at around 11am and had to pick up some new shoes on the way out. My nikes were on the brink of blowing through thanks to the first two days of footbreaking and were a pain to push in.

The day was super relaxed, I had a ton of time and not far to go, so stopped at a bunch of rad places en route.
Found a few water pools and visited a 170 Million year old cave complete with mineral cave paintings.

I'm beginning to get the right balance of respecting traffic but not getting dominated by it. You quickly learn to focus on your own shit and not look over your shoulder every set of pushes. The road was majority uphill for the third day in a row.

Incline after incline was draining, until I hit the second summit point at 6,100ft. Then I saw the sign- the best sign I've ever seen: '6% Next 4 Miles' followed by the sign for winding roads ahead. I didn't push once for the next 20 minutes. Big carves and great views! Stoked.

Just as the downhill run ran off, Mount Carmel came into view.

I cooled off by the Virgin River that passed under a bridge on the highway and took some time to chill, then hit the Dinner for some well needed food.

I'm done with Highway 89 now, and it's onward to Zion National Park tomorrow.


Keep on being you Sam! fricking amazing!


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