Sector 9 Hijack - Jackson Shapeira's pro model Longboard

W concave, fenders, wheel wells & more are featured on the deck...

Sector 9 Hijack Downhill Freeride Longboard Jacko The released image from Jacko

Ahead of an official announcement by S9, Jacko posted the following image via his facebook page (Jackson Shapeira - Pro Skater).

Length 36.875"
Width  10"
WB       25.75-27.75"

We'd classify this as a short topmount laden with features & a concave to keep you locked in while sliding at high speed.

The text reads
"We're proud to introduce Jackson Shapiera's Pro Model, the Hijack. This deck is the culmination of several different iterations of prototypes that we can recall making and testing here at Sector 9 headquarters.

It is rare to have a team rider so critical on the finer points of the board shape, and even rare for him to take a step back to realize they have gone too far in search of that perfect feel. (Ed: erm, what are they saying about the DHD range? ;) )

Apart from the shape, Jackson also explored several concave molds. He finally landed on one with humps at the front for your toes to push againstand keep you locked in, a non-intrusive W in the middle for added strength, and smaller humps at the back to help with board feel."

Jacko rides for
Sector 9 Skateboards (shop S9 at Newton's)
RAD Wheels (shop RAD at Newton's)
Aera Trucks
Risch Aerohelmets

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