Day V - "Chilling in Zion"

Day 5

Day 5

Zion National Park is one of those places you can't just pass through. The reason for this trip is not to race to LA and force myself to push everyday, everywhere. It's about exploring some rad shit and skating between, and at, as much of it as possible.

Zion was somewhere that I knew I'd be stopping at.

I was surprised to find my feet and back in no pain in the morning- perhaps it was the stoke to be in the park, resting up, or eating good food- who knows. But I was feeling good so went on a 4 mile hike up the famous Narrows: a section of the park that follows the Virgin river up North, cutting through tight canyons.

Day 5 Extra #3

I thought it'd be best to take on the task of wading up a waist high river barefoot, so that I didn't get my only pair of socks wet. But after my feet ended up in worse shape than 120 miles of pushing left them, I realised it may not have been the best decision.

I went back to the same pub as I did the day before to eat- Zion Canyon Brewery Pub. They serve a mean burger and fries! As I sat down the Tampa Bay vs. Chicago Ice Hokey game was on. Unknowingly, I was sat next to a family from Chicago who asked who I was rooting for. I told them it was the first game I'd watched, which developed into an hour long conversation about the rules and politics of ice hockey, rugby, and England in general.

Then the coolest character I've ever met (a sports photographer from California) who was sat behind me, joined in on the conversation as it turned into talking about Prime lens' and photography...

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