#ThePonchoPush - Sam Holding skates 650 Mi to LA "Day 0"

#‎ThePonchoPush‬ begins in earnest, 650 miles to LA
follow Sam's trials & tribulations right here, starting below, send him your support in the comments!

"Day: 0

After the fifth flight and 7,500km of air miles, I've made it to Page! A small town in Northern Arizona where I start the push.

All my baggage made it safe through the USA's biggest airport and 4 connections, but somehow the airline that flew me up to Page with only 7 other people lost my backpack. Luckily I got it back the next afternoon in time to head on a mini trek to Horseshoe Bend before the real push begins.

Pushing down Highway 89 in a Thunderstorm was pretty crazy, and Horseshoe Bend was unreal. Feeling ready to start tomorrow with a 35 mile day.


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