Day VII - "Entering Las Vegas"

Trouble in Paradise.

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My planned route from Zion onwards was reasonably loose. The roads are so vast out here and there's little choice to start with- Which road? Whichever one goes South-West...

I had planned to take an old, mostly disused road, plus a few small roads, off track to avoid the Interstate 15 into Vegas (the crazy highway with lots of HGV's and at times no hard shoulder). Usually when I talk to locals they're extremely positive, saying how 'Awesome' the trip is, but after the third local told me that the route was in extremely bad condition and dangerous to do without someone carrying the water needed for the likely 2 days it'd take, I had major doubts. Then the fourth showed me a photo: I've never seen such bad pavement. Turns out the Google Street View shots I based my decisions on were 7 years old. Always check street view dates! Years of flash floods, heat, and no need for it to be maintained has left the route only passable by 4x4... you know what I mean.

The only alternative is the Interstate 15 through the deadly Narrows, so I cut my losses and hopped on the shuttle into Vegas in order to continue onwards. Now missing out on a section through Echo Bay I was extremely looking forward to, I hit Vegas to cure my bummed-out-ness.

If anything can replace the stoke in you, it's pushing down the Vegas strip at midnight! Although I wasn't able to get dealt into a poker game (underage), I threw all my quarters into the slot machine (for weight reduction purposes, of course) and checked out some of the rad places downtown.

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