Day VI - 43.7 Miles "Back on track"

Day 6

Big miles: Big smiles!
I toiled with the idea of staying an extra day in the park to hike Angles Landing, but I was pretty content with how much I'd seen and decided to hit the road. After a bad night in the tent (crazy hot, clammy, and claustrophobic) the morning began at 5.30am. Feeling pretty rough, I washed off in the river and left the park to try and hit Hurricane in the hopes I felt better as the day went on.

After I finished the small uphill stint out of the canyon I looked back at the view, had a rest and couldn't resist the temptation to do a bit of freestyle on the empty highway with an epic backdrop. Even though my set-up sucked for it and I fell, it was uplifting. You gotta remember to enjoy the little things along the way and it'll break it all down.
A lesson I learnt that day.

Following the flatland session, I entered the zone. Threw on the GTA San Andreas Radio playlist and completely crushed it for the next 12 miles non-stop in record speed, all the way to Virgin. Man or Machine!? Nobody knows...

This photo reflects my headspace for those miles:
Screen shot 2015-06-12 at 18.47.10

Then a great day got even better. I kid you not; I had the best meal I've ever eaten. If you're in Southern Utah go to ''The Cactus Room Restaurant" in Virgin and order the Buffalo Burger and Peanut Butter Pie. Your life will change. Big thanks to Bob for creating this amazing meal and filling my water reservoir up with Ice and Lemonade for the remaining miles.

I made it to Hurricane way earlier than expected after another crazy downhill run through some awesome sweepers and made the call to Keep On Pushin'! The words that are on the bottom of my deck. I continued 18 miles further than planned. I was on the road for a total of 10 hours and I could feel the mild sun stroke in the evening. Well worth it.

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