EVENT: Hog Hill - The Crackling 2016

This week at the Redbridge Cycle Center in Essex on the 21st, the 22nd of May, The Crackling will begin!
The first Hog Hill event of 2016
Facebook event link with info and sign up

Downhill skateboarding start line UK #NewtonsFamily and friends get ready to ride downhill at the start line.

Now in it's sixth year you'll be able to find plenty of slalom skateboarding, downhill racing, a slide jam, a dance competition, a bungee speed test and a downhill freeride for those who don't want to race.

Louis Selby giant slalom on pavel board, gog trucks and cult wheels Our good friend Louis Selby knows how to lean and pump through cones like a boss!

This event has been going on for quite a few years now and we highly recommend coming along to get used to how to ride with other people as well as making new friends from all across the country and sometimes even from abroad.

There's even a St Johns crew on hand to help tend to your road rash and the odd sprained ankle.

You can normally expect to find quite a lot of the Newton's Family member placing quite well in the competitions as well as lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it. I myself try and get out on the slalom if I have any time, but normally you can find us at Newton's Shred Shop because we'll be bringing a stand to the event.

James Allen with a tail blunt slide on Earthwing Slide A 93a wheels #NewtonsFamily member Jame Allen is a top contender for the hard wheel slide jam, having won it at least once already.

Also if you'd like to collect an order and save money, just chose the "collection" option on the checkout page and then in the comments for the order write "Hog Hill" and we'll see you there.
Contact us if you'd like a Special Order or Pre-order item before buying to collect.

All this and more, information you can find out in the links we'll provide below.
Any questions, just ask.
To sign up for The Crackling and more information, follow this link.

There are two more Hog Hill events this year, one in July and the other one in October. More dates and details to follow as they become available.

For now check out this sweet video from Hog Hill last year, via Jack Ditty on YouTube

All photos courtesy of Will Edgecombe

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