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  • "Return of the Chaos" - BDSL Final Race Lake District 25-27/11/2016

    Updated post event write up:
    Wow, what a blast we had up in the Lake District the weekend just gone!

    Here I am in muddy glory, photo by Andy Denness In my muddy attire. Photo: Andy Denness


    After taking the last runs of the weekend by myself I was dressed in mud and smiling from ear to ear, but I'm getting ahead of myself, let me take you back to the beginning....

    James Gunn and Pete Connolly in Motorvalhalla


    8 hours of driving with Mr UK Downhill (Pete Connolly) and Yung Master (James Gunn) had left us tired, but when we arrived at Patterdale Hall on Friday night, the motorway miles melted away despite the frost outside doing it's best otherwise.

    Inside we were greeted with a spacious and warm living room where our hosts and some of the Scottish riders had settled in for a cozy friday night in, playing catch up briefly I knew we had a long day ahead of us on Saturday and I called it an early night.


    Winter wonderland at Patterdale hall with James and Will Edgecombe



    Clear skies and freezing temps had been at play all night, resulting in some ice around the Hall, not knowing what to expect we convoyed over to the track for 10AM and found Thrill Hill still hiding in the shade.

    IMG_8481 The view from up the Hill, while the track was still shaded.


    I took a hike up the hillside to soak in some rays and air out my feet, I could hear the riders below starting to tackle the track with cheers from onlookers and those still getting ready.

    Skate To Escape's Andy Denness bossing it into corner 2 Photo: Will Edgecombe Skate To Escape's Andy Denness bossing it into corner 2 Photo: Will Edgecombe


    The surface was consistently grippy until the sun hit the first corner and "started" drying the run up to and exit of corner 1, this is when it became it "greasy" feeling and many riders struggled to get past this corner for the rest of the day.

    Transitioning from rail to rail between corners in the grease was a delicate operation!

    Around 2pm the No Paws Time Trial began, with Ben Stainer, Andi Denness and Lewis Taylor taking part, but none managed to make it down the track without putting a puck down.
    However before the greasiness Ben Stainer did do a full run hands free and Lewis decided Ben as the winner of this segment.

    Hermione (front) and Mist (behind) the last riders on the track Saturday, Hermione (front) and Mist (behind) the last riders on the track Saturday. Photo: Will Edgecombe


    Around 3pm the sun dipped away, Mist and Hermione were the last to finish skating and were taking the chance to dial in the lines for race day.

    Mist has come a long way this year, attending several EU events and getting her setup dialled in, it was rad to see such progression!

    Gear in the drying room, getting ready for another day on the hill. Gear in the drying room, getting ready for another day on the hill.


    We all retired to the hall, hung up our soggy gear in the drying room and enjoyed hot showers before tucking into an amazing dinner put on by the Hall staff.

    That night we played Cards Against Humanity and Joking Hazard in the living room, followed by a screening of LGC's Open documentary, I felt the ZZZzzz coming and hit the hay, ready for another day.

    We were blessed with cloud cover, a spot rain in the wee hours and a warmer temperature this morning.
    All signs of ice had disappeared and the Hall's generous breakfast filled us up for more sideways action than you can safely shake a grilled tomato at.

    I did my usual hill climb and came back down to gear up and tear it down, the track was fully consistent in it's grip all the way down, thanks to the earlier rain.

    We were left with a tad muddy surface, but no streams of water like last year's riders had to endure.

    I started taking runs with Will Edgecombe as I'd mostly been skating solo until this point, we rode close together and had fun chasing each other down the track, this was a turning point for me as I remembered how much riding close to others is something I'd long since lost.

    Pete taking care of the racing scores and heats. Photo: Will Edgecombe Pete taking care of the racing scores and heats. Photo: Will Edgecombe


    The race structure was an elimination bracket with just under 19 riders taking part, 2 riders per heat.
    Pete took up the mantle of Race Director and had us paired up with our competitors in no time.

    I was up against Jack Patton in my 1st round and pushed off in front to get the line I wanted, in the 2nd round I had Dale Goodwin, I stayed behind and overtook him between the 1st and 2nd corner to secure the win.
    Then I came up against Ras Rasalas, fellow Newton's Family rider and top UK contender.

    Ras and I (behind) pushing off for our heat together. Photo: Will Edgecombe Ras and I (behind) pushing off for our heat together. Photo: Will Edgecombe


    I pushed off behind Ras and stayed on his tail but couldn't find the right spot to overtake so he progressed into the finals, meanwhile due to a snaffu with the racer setup, the other semi finalists Lewis, Ben and Aaron Skippings settled on a 3 man heat to decide 5th place.

    Aaron leading Lewis and Ben in the semi finals. Aaron leading Lewis and Ben in the semi finals.


    I raced Lewis in the consolation heat, but didn't have the opportunity to overtake after pushing out behind, a tight run to the end was still more than fun and he took 3rd.

    Meanwhile the Women's category competed too, but with only 4 contenders I missed all but the last run while I was in my own heats.

    The end results for open class were:
    1st Ras Sarunas Rasalas
    2nd Aaron Skippings
    3rd Lewis Taylor
    4th Alex Ireton
    5th Ben Stainer

    In the Women's class:
    1st Mist Einarsdóttir
    2nd Hermione Pearson
    3rd Katya Krasner
    4th Sabina Edwards

    Full BDSL Results can be found here:

    With the racing over by 1PM the podium was taken care of and riders started to say their goodbyes, but for some of us it just meant more runs on the hill.

    Chasing Pete into corner 2. Photo: Will Edgecombe Chasing Pete into corner 2. Photo: Will Edgecombe

    I took to riding with Pete and Hermione for a few more hours, soaking in the mud and tight lines we were all smashing, vying for that overtake on every turn, grinning even if I couldn't get it.

    After some close calls and lot's of laughs, we packed it in for the trip and said goodbye to our wonderful hosts.

    I honestly think we couldn't have had better:
    -place to stay
    -people to be with

    Thank you to all involved, specially the crew at Patterdale Hall where I highly recommend you stay if visiting the lake district.

    Much love to the Skate to Escape crew for everything!

    ~Alex Ireton

    My setup:
    Rayne Libido Prototype
    Carver CX.4 C2.4 trucks, rear truck dewedged
    Venom Cobra Core Cannibals 72mm 76a
    Fat Ant Barrel bushings
    Zealous Bearings

    Sponsors of the event:
    Newton's Shred Longboard Shop
    DaSilva Boards
    Shred'o'Grande Downhill

    Pre-event info:
    Skate To Escape are putting on the outlaw by which all other outlaws shall hence forth be judged by.

    Spaces are limited to 30 slots and includes mansion accommodation and food over the weekend:
    Fri 25th to Sun 27th of November

    Newton's Shred is stoked to support this event, I should be there with bells and whistles on.
    ~Alex Ireton @ NS

    Facebook event page:

    Details from the event page on 18/10/16:
    "Bringing you the best of the worst weather… Skate to Escape’s ~ BDSL Return of the Chaos!

    • 25th – 27th November 2016
    • 30 available places
    • Registration opens 1st October – 30th October payment secures place’s
    • Registration enters you into racing (Open & Women’s categories)
    • 2 Price Plans £90 & £52 see below for details

    Last year we faced fluke storms which later destroyed the Lake District with massive floods, landslides & collapsing bridges. 60mph winds and constant rain which didn’t dampen our spirits :)

    So let’s do it again! Limited no’s are in place to protect the hill, a shame but we trust you’ll understand.

    Thrill hill consisting of 3 20-25% hairpins, speeds of 30/35mph, pot holes, bumpy surface, general gnar isn’t ideal for beginners. It will be two man race heats for safety reasons
    (No haybails or protection, all riders ride at their own limit)

    Patterdale Hall is more than happy to host us again and we feel this is well worth while with their excellent catering & hospitality!

    Facilities include:
    • Amazing, healthy, home cooked tasty food in large quantities, giving you all the energy you need.
    • Dorm style rooms in small groups 2-6 persons
    • Drying room! (an absolute godsend for getting all your wet clothes ready for morning)
    • Games room (2 x table football tables, 2 x Table tennis tables & pool table)
    • 2 living rooms 1 massive 1 smaller with wood fires, supplied with fridges for our beer & ample sofa’s!
    • Constant free tea & coffee
    • Bedding
    • Can return for showers Sunday afternoon

    £90 Price plan:
    Accommodation - Friday & Saturday night.
    Breakfast, lunch & Tea Saturday
    Breakfast & lunch Sunday

    £52 Price plan:
    Accommodation - Saturday night.
    Tea Saturday
    Breakfast & lunch Sunday

    *Arrive from 5:00pm on Friday (No evening meal on Friday)
    *Breakfast at 8:30am
    *Lunch is pack lunch that needs to be specified the night before
    *Tea at 7:00pm

    ***Under 18’s… We & Patterdale Hall require a signed form with your dedicated responsible adult for the weekend & a signature from a parent. If you want to attend please contact us and a form will be provided. No younger than 16 sorry!

    This is non-profit get together & costs are as supplied by Patterdale Hall 16/06/16"

  • George Vincent's Flaming 7's | Newton's Shred Longboard Shop

    George Vincent takes us on a ride down some of Cornwall's marvellous hills showcasing his technicality, speed, and accuracy.

    George rides for Cult Wheels and Rayne Longboards.
    Check out the Cult Creator 72mm 78a for this kind of magic.

    No music needed, just listen to the smooth destruction of urethane!

  • Hogtoberfest 2016 #skatehogtober London Event 15-16/10/16


    The last Hill event of the year is soon approaching, for many this is the last chance to get their fix of a closed road event with their friends.

    Located in East London, Hog Hill is a cycle track with several different slopes and a variety of curves.  it's well-suited for beginner to intermediate riders with a top speed of around 35 mph.

    But if you haven't been to a Hog Hill event before this is what's on;
    -Newton's Shred top speed challenge
    -Downhill skateboard racing
    -Freestyle skateboard competition
    -Slalom skateboarding racing
    -Freeride and tech slide jam
    -Longboard dancing competition

    Full details and registration for the event can be found at the link below,  we recommend you sign up now to avoid disappointment:

    We will also be bringing some of our shop to the event and running a top speed challenge which will have cash prizes for the fastest three riders.

    If you would like to collect an order from our shop and save on postage charges please choose the Hogtoberfest option on the checkout page when ordering.

  • Hill surfing with Alex Ireton | Newton's Shred Longboard Shop

    Sometimes a sweet carve down a mellow hill is just what the Dr. ordered, but that's not all there is to life.

    #surfyourskate #icantsurf

    Carver's CX.4 trucks are really at the heart of what I do, lean AND turn.....

    ~Alex Ireton, Newton's Shred Longboard Shop co-founder


    Music: Jason Shaw - BACK TO THE WOODS

    So Cow - 06 - Government Complex Gwacheon

  • BSDL double weekend - soggy showdowns at Bleek and Sheepy


    Words and Photos (unless otherwise stated) Will Edgecombe

    We knew what to expect and weren't disappointed..

    The Brianne Collective held a double-banger of a weekend, with racing at Bleek on the Saturday and Dale's last Fumble at Sheepy on Sunday. A few of us London-types headed over on Friday afternoon to get camped up and ready for the next day. We were met in the morning by increasing drizzle and a burning wall of midges as everyone else arrived. Taking shelter under the bridge, some peeps adjusted to troll life very naturally, and the spot was occupied all day..


    The weather didn't let up one bit so we ploughed on regardless.



    744A9440 Photo: Kai Menneken
    IMG_0532 Jamie loving life


    Here are the results:

    Open Standup

    1. Peten Connolly
    2. Aaron Skippings
    3. Ras Sarunas



    1. Martin Hull
    2. Aaron Skippings
    3. Bodhi Keen



    After the fun was up a small contingent of us took off to Sheepy hill to find a Bothy (a basic, unlocked shelter) Tom had told us about. It was a 40 minute slog, up to our knees in bog at times, but well worth the effort. We were greeted by a cozy house with wood stove and plenty of room to party. Once we'd tidied and signed the guest book it was time to trek back to the hill.

    IMG_0817 City boys getting some country action




    We got a chance to skate with Dale one last time before he heads off to New Zealand. The ground was dry and the racing was tight!

    744A0254 Reuben leading Dale and Dan. Photo: Kai Menneken
    744A0349 Richie testing his bodyslam on Ras. Didn't work. Photo: Kai Menneken
    744A0483 Photo: Kai Menneken
    744A0451 Consolation final: Newton's fams Will and Dan take the line inside Bodhi, whose pucks fell off. Photo: Kai Menneken.

    In the final we saw Luke batchelor storm the lead with an ungodly kick, meaning some rather aggressive lines were required to challenge him: hence this rather daring move on the last corner by Ras, for the win..

    Another title being fought for was luge. Somehow everybody qualified and the final was an unconventional 11 man heat with a NasCar style start. Carnage, can't wait to see the footage.


    Open standup

    1. Ras Sarunas
    2. Tom Campbell
    3. Dale Goodwin and Luke Batchelor



    1. Aaron Skippings
    2. Ell Macey
    3. Ben Stainer


    BDSL rankings have been updated and can be checked here! Good luck to Dale on his adventures to the southern hemisphere, you'll be missed bro!

  • #TregaronFreeride July 2-3rd, Wales, United? Kingdom

    Newton's Shred Longboard Shop is proud to sponsor Tregaron Freeride 2016
    An event organized by the Brianne Collective

    Photo by Will Edgecombe

    For tickets click here > Brianne Collective Presents Tregaron Freeride 2016

    Another photo by Will Edgecombe

    Providing both a downhill freeride and race, most of the UK contingent will be out in full force to nail some slides and play at who's fastest.

    Save 10% and get FREE DELIVERY to the event:
    1) At checkout, choose delivery option "Event: Tregaron 2016 Collection £0.00"
    2) In the coupon box write "tregaron" and click "apply coupon"
    3) Pay for your order.
    4) Come see Alex Ireton at the Freeride and collect your order.

    Order deadline Thu 30th June
    Does not apply to pre-order items
    Does not apply to all brands, but most

  • #NewtonsFamily Dan reviews Rogue Cast Trucks + Sector 9 Skiddles Wheels

    "6mm more of.... stableness"

    We chucked some trucks at our homeboy Dan and this is what he came back with after he healed up.

  • Episode #008 Ft. Jorge Higgins "I need to get on that driving wave"

    I'm back with another episode, this time joined by London local and NS staff member Jorge Higgins.

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    Show Notes


    Recent Events
    Brianne Collective: Fumble In The Valley Outlaw race - SkateSlate article by Will Edgecombe
    BLBB Presents: Bo Peep session - Videos and photos by VIAL images
    London Longboards: Beginner / Slide tips session

    Upcoming Events
    So You Can Longboard Dance?
    Dance competition
    April 2-3rd

    Hog Hill Events in 2016
    Downhill, Slide Jam, Slalom, Dancing, Buttboard freeride / race
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    May, July and October

    #BigMountainSkate Series
    Alpenrauschen, Freeride, Austria, June 9-12th
    Almabtrieb, IDF Race, Austria, July 13-16th
    KNK Longboard Camp, Freeride, Slovenia, July 25-30th and August 2-7th
    Bela Joyride, Freeride, Austria, August 24-27th
    LoRaLo, Freeride, Austria, September 15-17th

    Hot Shit

    New products
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    Dishonourable mentions

    SkateHouse 6 Thing Men In Longboarding Need To Stop Doing
    SkateSlate 6 Things In Longboarding That Girls Need To Stop Doing
    Alex Ameen Sketch Fest 2016 Pt 2 Video (Doesn't allow embedding, sorry)
    Goat Longboards Soul Dancer 42" Deck announced
    Sergio Valdehita 360 variations

    Produced, shot and cut by Alex Ireton
    Whassup jingle courtesy Dale Kean / PreCool
    Dishonourable Mentions jingle by Ben Stainer
    Images and videos via Kai Menneken and VIAL images
    Big thanks to Jorge Higgins for joining me this week.

  • Fred Sheppard quick clips

    One Tree Longboards ambassador and #NewtonsFamily member Fred put some lines together for your viewing pleasure, just under two minutes, enjoy!

    Fred rides for One Tree, but gets his game on with some wares by
    Caliber truck co
    Remember collective
    Rayne Longboards

  • Dan Ravenall 60 Second Sessions EP2

    Longboard sliding is the focus for Dan's episode 2 of 60 Second Sessions.

    Since joining the #NewtonsFamily last year Dan's kept on skating hard and stacking clips.

    Dan rides for Mindless Longboards and Idle Slide Gloves
    Video by UKSportMedia

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