Day I - 31 miles - "Deserts are meant to be dry right?"

Day 1

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"Day 1 - 31 Miles
The first day was pretty chill. After leaving Page I crossed the 720ft Glen Canyon Dam onward into pretty much nowhere. I had to carry 2 days of food and water as it was uncertain what I'd find along the way.

7 miles in I crossed the State line out of Arizona and into Utah; the pavement immediately went to shit and stayed that way for the next 15 miles on a slow incline uphill.
By 11am I'd already made it to Big Water, my half way point for the day, where I re-fuelled with an Omelette burger.

A local I ate with told me about a Ranch he works at 16 miles down the road next to the campground I planned to stay at. He said they offered camping with showers and have the best steak around.

Considering it was the only Steak on offer in a 30 mile radius I didn't doubt his claim. I got stuck in Big Water for 2 hours as a rainstorm hit and a Flash Flood warning was put out for the county.

Pretty nuts.

Not long after I set off a second storm hit, this time I was on the road and stuck in it for 10 miles. The water in my socks was actually pretty nice as it dampened a lot of the force when pushing, but skating the highway with that much spray got real sketchy, real quick.

Over the last 2 miles the road smoothed out and dropped on a 6% grade. T

hrowing some carves all the way down I made it to the Ranch where the owner gave me a rad western Cabin for the night for $55! And the Steak generally was the best I've ever had!"

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