BSDL double weekend - soggy showdowns at Bleek and Sheepy


Words and Photos (unless otherwise stated) Will Edgecombe

We knew what to expect and weren't disappointed..

The Brianne Collective held a double-banger of a weekend, with racing at Bleek on the Saturday and Dale's last Fumble at Sheepy on Sunday. A few of us London-types headed over on Friday afternoon to get camped up and ready for the next day. We were met in the morning by increasing drizzle and a burning wall of midges as everyone else arrived. Taking shelter under the bridge, some peeps adjusted to troll life very naturally, and the spot was occupied all day..


The weather didn't let up one bit so we ploughed on regardless.



744A9440 Photo: Kai Menneken
IMG_0532 Jamie loving life


Here are the results:

Open Standup

  1. Peten Connolly
  2. Aaron Skippings
  3. Ras Sarunas



  1. Martin Hull
  2. Aaron Skippings
  3. Bodhi Keen



After the fun was up a small contingent of us took off to Sheepy hill to find a Bothy (a basic, unlocked shelter) Tom had told us about. It was a 40 minute slog, up to our knees in bog at times, but well worth the effort. We were greeted by a cozy house with wood stove and plenty of room to party. Once we'd tidied and signed the guest book it was time to trek back to the hill.

IMG_0817 City boys getting some country action




We got a chance to skate with Dale one last time before he heads off to New Zealand. The ground was dry and the racing was tight!

744A0254 Reuben leading Dale and Dan. Photo: Kai Menneken
744A0349 Richie testing his bodyslam on Ras. Didn't work. Photo: Kai Menneken
744A0483 Photo: Kai Menneken
744A0451 Consolation final: Newton's fams Will and Dan take the line inside Bodhi, whose pucks fell off. Photo: Kai Menneken.

In the final we saw Luke batchelor storm the lead with an ungodly kick, meaning some rather aggressive lines were required to challenge him: hence this rather daring move on the last corner by Ras, for the win..

Another title being fought for was luge. Somehow everybody qualified and the final was an unconventional 11 man heat with a NasCar style start. Carnage, can't wait to see the footage.


Open standup

  1. Ras Sarunas
  2. Tom Campbell
  3. Dale Goodwin and Luke Batchelor



  1. Aaron Skippings
  2. Ell Macey
  3. Ben Stainer


BDSL rankings have been updated and can be checked here! Good luck to Dale on his adventures to the southern hemisphere, you'll be missed bro!

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