#BristolBoardMeeting 2015 Report + Photos

The Bristol Board Meeting is a charity event organized by Jo Coles of Lush Longboards. It’s a thirteen-mile skateboard push event in aid of the CLIC Sargent and British Heart Foundation charities.

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Three cars full of skaters left London around 8 AM, which is a bit later than we anticipated #BlameJorge . We finally got to Bristol close to 11, and by the time we got to the train station, Lawrence Hill, we realized we aren’t going to get to Bath, which is where the push starts at 11, until about 12:30.

At this point we took a group decision that instead of spending an hour on the train, we’d start the skate but in reverse. We had quite a few people with us from London, Ruben, Max, Rihards, Luke, Marlena , Christine, Miles, Dan, Olly, and myself Alex.
The London late crew

We had quite a nice push, tiny bit of a headwind, then through a long tunnel and a few shorter ones which were bridges.IMG_3862IMG_3864

We got to the point where the slide jam is going to take place, where Adam Hill and Mark Phelps were hanging out, but this wasn’t even the halfway point yet so we weren’t about to duck out of doing the full 13 miles.IMG_3876

After parting with those guys we carried on skating down the cycle track, this is when you realize this used to be an old train track, with the rails removed and paving laid down, and we literally end up skating through what was once a train station. It’s pretty scenic and surreal. Partly because on these platforms you have loads of trees, growing on them while you push through where the train used to go.IMG_3865
All aboard the Higgins Express #BlameJorge

I highly recommend doing this push at least once. So a few of us kept on skating just to make sure we got to the halfway point. We had to cross a couple of roads, but thankfully they have some traffic lights so we could get across easily, and at this point we started seeing a bit more activity on the train line front.

We’ve seen some railway tracks that have been left while the cycle path still carries along beside them, separated by a fence. At one point while we were heading down, a steam train actually came past us.IMG_3888
Steam train in operation

Shortly after this we started seeing first riders coming from Bath towards Bristol. Amongst them was Paul Coupe, Sam Holding (who recently he just completed a 650-mile push back in July) Bodhi Keen, Matt Rendell and plenty of other folks.

From the original 11 that started at Bristol only 4 of us made it to the halfway point, and we were just having a nice break, while watching people hit the halfway mark before carrying on to the slide jam.

At some point I decided to take some photos of people with their setups underneath the sign posts for the halfway mark. A few of the people I spoke to had been hitting the pubs along the way and were a tad sloshed as they carry on with their push.

I thought “Hey, it’s time to actually head back and do the other half of the push.” So I go back to the spot where the slide jam was, which is on a right next to the cycle path. There was a group of 40 people or so, just kind of chilling alongside the path, having a nice break before the final leg of the push.IMG_3898
Chilling hard at the slide jam area

As I hadn’t seen the slide hill yet and I saw sliders continuously coming down. I thought Okay, I gotta check this out. It’s a pretty unique arrangement. It was a triple hairpin set with a pretty grippy surface but I had Cult Creators on now. What’s quite unique about it is that it actually had a set of stairs running up alongside it, so instead of having to walk all the way zigzagging up, you could just go straight to the top. At one point on the stairs you can look out onto a hairpin and there were always people grouped around looking at everybody else who’s coming down.
I got to the top of the hill and filmed a few runs on Periscope (@Newtons_Shred) which was pretty fun trying not to crash while holding my phone in my hand, and after that I managed to get a few runs in as well. Watching Aidan Shilson-Thomas skate was rad, he was doing some cool shove-it attempts right on top of the hill, and when he’s going downhill he’s still blasting some big smooth slides.
Lots of people had fun, with a few minor accidents but no real injuries.IMG_3947Aidan busting a slick heelside powerslide

Everyone got their shit together and we started off on the last leg of the push towards Bristol, eventually making our way to the skate park in St George’s Park, which is pretty close to the exit of the actual cycle track itself.

At the skate park itself there were plenty of locals enjoying the day as normal, but now with the Bristol Board Meeting event an extra 80 to 100 people on top of that. It’s a very longboard friendly park, but it doesn’t even matter what you ride as long as you’ve got some wheels and bearings, just roll around and have some fun, pump some transition.IMG_3960

Now, there was a charity raffle organized by Jo Coles and Lush Longboards. So they were already taking donations for the charities momentarily on the website, justgiving.com, but they’re also on to raise money through the raffles, and quite a few brands actually donated some prizes, including Newton’s Shred. So most people bought a whole bunch of tickets and a bunch of people won a bunch of stuff including wheels, techs, bearings, trucks, hoodies, helmets.IMG_3962I didn’t win anything at all, minor bummer ;)

After that, everything kind of wound up and people started heading home. They had trains and buses to catch, but all in all, it was a very good day and I’m really glad I went this year even though I haven’t been in a few years.

All in all it was great way to catch up with old friends and make some new ones, no doubt some people came away with some scrapes, but that’s a small price to pay for good times.

Thank you Jo and Lush Longboards crew for a great day out for a great cause!

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I'd been looking forward to the Bristol Board Meeting for a couple of weeks and finally managed to get my setup together, which was a Goat Basati running on Independent 169 trucks, some Cult Raptures 75a and some Zealous ceramic bearings.
IMG_3849My setup for the push

It wasn’t the lowest setup, I could put it together, but it was definitely nice and compact and would still hold together quite nicely on the slide hill if I put some different wheels on.

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