Day II - 42.8 miles - "Sam deserves a good stretch..."

Day 2

#‎ThePonchoPush‬ continues, updates won't be coming through daily, but keep them peeled.

"Day 2 - 42.8 Miles
I set off at 8am from the Ranch, pushed 1 mile down the road and was hit with an endless steep uphill pass straight out. Killer.
After the uphill stints yesterday I was hoping for some downhill but no such luck. 30 of the 42 miles were uphill towards Kanab, which made things difficult. I had a day of water and food on me so had to make it to the town by the end of the day. The road from the Ranch to Kanab was dead straight.

Every hill you reach the peak of, another 5 mile stretch way off on the horizon reveals itself. Just as I started to pace myself heavily and was lowon energy, the road turned bad and my speed was pretty much walking pace. The combination of uphill and gravel style paving made a single push last no further than a metre. The miles went by incredibly slowly and every view seemed the same. There was nothing unique along the way, just one long ass road.
The only mental uplift I got was reaching the 5,690ft summit sign and seeing the smooth downhill after it.

Not long after, my water reservoir ran dry. The uphill earlier made me drink way more than I should of. With no water, I pushed on for another 5 miles in the hope to make it to town, but I still had another 6 to go. For the sake of safety and the rest of the trip, I hitched the final 6 into town with an awesome 56 year old dude from California.

While re-fuelling at Denny's I had 3 different people who'd passed me out on the road earlier and were interested in what I'm doing. Some really cool people out here.

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